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Dustin Brohm

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Earn extra money by opening a new bank account

These days many banks are offering generous bonuses to anyone who opens a new checking account. Recently US Bank was offering $50 to open a new account, but the best deal I’ve seen so far is offered by Chase. Today I received a $100 “coupon” from Chase in the mail. If you open a new checking account at Chase, they’ll give you $100. There are a few requirements you must follow to get the $100 bonus, but they are very reasonable.

To get the $100 bonus you must:

  • Open the checking account w/ a $100 minimum.
  • Within 60 calendar days of opening, Chase must receive an electronic direct deposit from your payroll, pension, or government benefits.
  • The bonus will be deposited in your new account within ten (10) days after your initial direct deposit is posted.
  • This new account must stay open for a minimum of 6 months or the bonus will be debited from the account at closing.

I know it’s not the same as a good old fashioned bonus, with no strings attached, but it’s still $100 for not doing a whole lot. Honestly, I have my business checking account at Chase and I think they run a fairly decent operation. And they have branches everywhere, which is super convenient. So if you don’t mind taking 30 min out of your day to go open a new checking account, you can snag yourself an extra $100. I believe this is an easy way to earn extra money.

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Earn extra money by donating plasma

A great way to earn extra cash each month is to donate plasma. I know what you’re thinking… Ahh! Needles! I was a little scared at first, but it’s really not that bad. I really got over the presence of a needle when I first got paid out, in cash, after my first donation. You can donate up to twice per week and earn between $50-$200 each week. If you’ve had certain vaccinations, they’ll pay you more. I personally donate @ Biomat USA. Go to their website to find a plasma donation center near you.

I highly recommend plasma donation to supplement your income. Your plasma help produce many medicines that save the lives or improve the quality of life for thousands of people.

They pay you out in cash each time you donate, and you don’t have to report it on your taxes because it’s like you’re being tipped for a service (according to the manager @ the donation center I go to). Of course I’m not a tax expert so you should check with one to be sure. I’d be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.

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What you must know before you quit your job to become an entrepreneur…

Free ebook: Take this job and SHOVE IT!

I know the feeling. You want to become an entrepreneur, and you want it now! But then there’s that old ball and chain holding you back… your JOB! Although some people just up and quit their job without really planning it out, I would not recommend it. I fully support, and recommend, you becoming an entrepreneur full-time, but first you must prepare for the transition. Do you have any savings to live off when your bi-weekly paychecks stop coming in? How will you handle losing your benefits, like health care and your 401(k)? Are you ready to be your own boss and set your own hours? These are questions that you need to really think about before telling your boss where to go (if you know what I mean). I recommend you read this free ebook to help you prepare for “that glorious day.”

Tyler Tervooren of tylertervooren.com has created an excellent preparative guide to quitting your job. Download the free ebook below…

Free ebook: Take this job and SHOVE IT!

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Success can be learned!

“Success is a learnable skill” – T. Harv Eker

Do you really think that wealthy and successful people are just born wealthy and successful? EHH! Wrong. They learn to become wealthy and successful by constantly striving for knowledge. I contend that the difference between a poor person and a rich person is that the rich person knows how to do something which the poor person does not. I admit, that may oversimplify it slightly, but it’s true. If you want to be rich and successful, do what rich and successful people do. Take their lead. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Knowledge is Power

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Failure… a good thing?

No one likes failure. It sucks. Bad. But failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Failure is really only a bad thing if you don’t learn anything from it. Have you ever “failed” only to realize later on that it was actually a blessing in disguise? That’s because you were able to harvest the good from the situation. You learned what didn’t work that time and then didn’t make the same mistake again. See, failure isn’t all that bad now, is it?


“Worried about failing? Read this!” – Article from Erica.biz

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How to Make Money Blogging…

If you aspire to be successful in something, it’s wise to model what other successful people have done. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel if the wheel has already been invented! For example, there are countless people successfully making money blogging. Find out what they have done to reach success and model that.

You may have heard of Erica.biz. The founder of the blog, Erica Douglass, has made a very decent living by blogging. I strongly recommend reading her article, titled “How to Make Money Blogging.”

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It’s a bad economy. Now what…

We all know we have a pretty bad economy right now. I’d go as far as to say it’s a crappy economy, but I digress. Ok, now what!? The economy is what it is. Many of us have learned the hard way that we can’t depend on someone else for a paycheck. But there’s a huge silver lining in that. YOU have the power to create success and wealth for yourself! That’s right, you’re on our own. Whether you succeed or fail, it’s on you.

Have you recently lost a job or had your hours cut? I know the feeling. I actually lost TWO jobs within a month of each other. Yeah, pretty crappy. But when I look back on it, my job losses were a blessing in disguise! I learned that I want to be in charge of my own success or failure. Even better, I learned that there are tons of different ways to make money. Many of which cost very little to start doing. My favorite way to make money in this bad economy is online, specifically in “affiliate marketing.”

Affiliate marketing refers to selling someone else’s product or service online for a commission. That’s right, you can sell other people’s stuff and receive a percentage of each sale.

How do you sell other people’s stuff?

Most major retailers have affiliate programs that you can join. They give you a special link identifying you as the affiliate, then you place that link on your website and all over the internet. When people visit your site, click on your link and end up making a purchase at the merchant site, you are paid a commission.

Click Here to Learn how to start making cash money in affiliate marketing

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Learn to make money with Affiliate Marketing

A great way to passively make money is to get paid a commission for selling someone else’s product online. This is called Affiliate Marketing, and is one of my personal favorite ways to earn money while I sleep! Literally, once you learn the basics of affiliate marketing, and build some simple infrastructure online (blogs, facebook, twitter, etc), the hard part is over. All said and done, you can build an affiliate-based business for less than $20-$40! (No joke, I did this myself and know it works firsthand). Then you can get paid for sending customers to buy someone else’s product! Now you will need to spend some time educating yourself on the process, but luckily I can guide you in the right direction.

—-> Click here to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing <—-


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